Throughout my life, people have seen me as creative, from running my own graphic design business and later photography studio to performing with local theater companies. But I have a very technical, practical side of myself and never felt comfortable with calling myself a "designer" or a creative person.
Fast forward to 2020, I made some big changes in my life and had the opportunity to participate in an aspiring entrepreneur program. I learned a lot about myself and how others perceive me, and I realized that I am happiest when I am "creating," whether that means creating images or graphics or creating a database or website. So here I am...putting it all out there.
I was inspired to start these collections to counter some of the negativity happening today. I liked the concept of being kind to others, as so many people are angry and frustrated with what our world is going through. Eventually I became inspired to dig out some old photos and transform them into home decor.
Like many people, my work was greatly affected due to the stay-at-home orders. Even though I already worked at home, many of my clients do not. So I pushed my creativity in a new direction to keep food on the table and the bills paid.
I want to create things that make people smile, bring them comfort or add a little color to their lives. Our world is changing, and we all need a little boost on cloudy days.​​​​​​​
I hope you enjoy.